How To Play Safeway Shop, Play, Win Monopoly 2024 Game (

The most awaited Monopoly 2024 is back again at Safeway, Albertsons and it’s affiliate stores. You can play Albertsons / Safeway Shop Play Win Monopoly 2023 Game & Sweepstakes at for your chance to win more than $230 million in prizes and money saving offers. This game has changed now but you can check out full details & rules explained in simple, precise and detailed manner about how to play Shop Play Win Safeway monopoly 2024 Game below. This year, every game ticket wins a prize, an offer or tokens for sweepstakes! Don’t miss your chance at millions of instant prizes. Good Luck.!

Sorry to say but no Shop Play Win Monopoly 2022 Game This Year…..😭😭We already confirmed it from the Store (Safeway & Albertson’s). If any chance it will come then i will update you in this post…

Monopoly Shop Play Win 2024

Want to make your boring trips to the grocery store more fun and exciting with Monopoly Safeway 2022 game? i have been playing this game every year at my local Safeway store but you can play Monopoly Shop, Play, Win 2022 at your nearby stores or any of the Albertsons Companies stores like Albertsons, Pavilions, CARRS, VONS, Randalls, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, Jewel-Osco, ACME Markets, Shaw’s/Star Market, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, and Albertsons Market.

Everything You Need To Know About Safeway Monopoly SHOP, Play, Win 2023 and it’s Rules is described in full detailed manner below. and If you have any doubt about this game then feel free to comment below.

What is Monopoly 2024?

Everyone go grocery shopping for daily need items. but do you know you can win exciting prizes such as 1 Million dollar cash by doing grocery shopping? Albertsons brings you the Shop Play Win Monopoly 2023 Game & Sweepstakes aka Safeway Monopoly 2023 where they are giving away $230,000,000 worth prizes. You can win prizes when you purchase of some specially marked products (excluding lottery tickets, stamps, tobacco, alcohol or other products excluded by law). you can also receive bonus tickets. So next time you visit any Albertsons Companies stores don’t forget to ask the cashier for monopoly tickets after your payment. Monopoly Safeway 2022 - How To Play Safeway Shop Play Win Monopoly Game 2021?

Albertsons/Safeway Shop Play Win Monopoly 2024 Participating Stores:

The Shop Play Win Safeway Monopoly 2023 Game is being conducted in over 2,232 participating locations operating under the names of Albertsons®, Safeway®, Pavilions®, CARRS®, VONS®, Randalls®, Eagle®, Pak ‘n Save®, Tom Thumb®, Jewel-Osco®, ACME Markets®, Shaw’s/Star Market®, United Supermarkets®, Market Street®, Amigos®, United Express®, and Albertsons Market® (“Market Stores”) in the Market States (as defined in Section 3, Paragraph 7 below). Game Ticket eligibility and just for U® Prize redemptions apply to in-store purchases only. With the exception of United Supermarkets®, Market Street®, Amigos®, United Express®, and Albertsons Market® (the “United Market Stores”) on-line purchases do not qualify for participation in this Promotion.

What Are The Albertsons/Safeway Monopoly 2024 Dates (Time Period)

The Albertsons / Safeway Monopoly Game 2022 starts on March , 2022, and will end on May , 2022. No tickets will be distributed once the given time period ends. (i will update Safeway monopoly 2022 start date soon)

What’s New This Year’s Albertson’s Monopoly Shop Play Win 2024 Game?

This year’s Albertson’s Shop, Play, Win Monopoly 202 is little bit different there is no rare game pieces and no game board available. You can only play this game digitally.

How To Play Shop Play Win Monopoly 2024 at Safeway / Albertsons?

Playing Albertsons/Safeway Shop Play Win Monopoly 2023 is super easy, First you must get the Game Tickets, Once you have the game tickets simply Download Shop Play Win App (iPhone | Android) and enter or scan your game ticket code “OR” you can also play this game online at just login to your just for U account. (If you do not already have a just for U account, you can sign-up for one for free.).

I personally recommend you to play the Shop Play Win 2024 game using their app because it will be easy for you to play this game.

  • Over 300,000,000 Just for U Cash prizes and money saving offers
  • A chance to win FREE Groceries for a Week, a Month, or a YEAR.
  • $1,000 Sweepstakes Giveaway Every Day!
  • New Match 3 Digital Game- Over $100 Million possible prizes!

Shop, Play, Win! MONOPOLY game tickets are available for in-store purchases only at participating locations (Customers are limited to one transaction per three-hour period) and are not available for purchases made online for delivery or pickup. Prizes won through Shop, Play, Win! MONOPOLY game can only be redeemed in-store at participating locations. Digital Product Offers, Rewards, and just for U Cash prizes are loaded directly into My List in your selected store’s just for U account. Use your store’s app and enter your registered phone number at checkout to redeem.

How To Get Safeway Monopoly Game Tickets 2024?

There are two (2) ways to obtain game tickets either through purchases at the Market Store or via the free alternative mail-in entry.

Make A Purchase: Every time you shop at any participating stores you will receive 1 game ticket for every $25 eligible products in a single transaction (excluding lottery tickets, stamps, tobacco, alcohol or other products excluded by law). You can earn up to 4 tickets when you spend $100 or more in qualifying purchases in one transaction. You will also receive a bonus Game Ticket for each purchase of a bonus products. Purchase 10 Bonus Products in-store in one transaction and receive one additional bonus Game Ticket (11 total).

Without Purchase: You can also get free Safeway monopoly game tickets without any purchases (1 game ticket and 1 bonus game ticket for a total of two (2) game tickets) by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope (“SASE”) to SHOP, PLAY, WIN! Game Ticket Request, Attn: Promotions Coordinator, P.O. Box 3058, Kennesaw, GA 30156.

  • Mail-in requests, including both outer envelope and SASE, must be handwritten and must be postmarked no sooner than MARCH 3, 2021, no later than April 27, 2021 and must be received no later than May 4, 2021.
  • There is no limit to the number of mail-in requests but there is a limit of one request per envelope.

Safeway Monopoly Game Tickets 2021Once you obtained Albertsons / Safeway Shop, Play, Win Monopoly game tickets now open it by tearing off the perforated portions, which will contains one of these digital codes.

  1. Instant Win Prize.
  2. Match 3 Digital Game.
  3. Special Discount Offer or Tokens for Sweepstakes.

Safeway Monopoly Game Tickets 2021
How To Play MATCH 3 Digital Game To Win Prizes?

There is one Bar code and 16 digit alphanumeric code printed on the game ticket (a total of 276,818,500 unique MATCH 3 Digital Codes available), You can use the Digital Code at site or enter or scan your game ticket into the Monopoly SHOP, PLAY, WIN! App for a chance to win exciting prizes & offers.

Once you entered or scanned your MATCH 3 Digital code you will see 9 Title Deed cards. You need to select any 3 Title Deed cards out of 9 cards and then click on the submit button. If 3 cards you selected are the exact same match then you will win the specified prize. If 3 cards do not match exactly then you will receive a “Chance” cards to either participating vendor offer or be awarded a specific number of tokens that will be stored in your game account.

If you won $50 in value or greater must complete the following to redeem prizes:

  • First, print the “Prize Form” from the email sent to the just for U® / rewards account email address provided upon registration to the Promotion or go to code history to print copy.
  • Next, attach the original MATCH 3 Digital Code to the form and follow the claiming details provided on the form.
    Shop Play Win Monopoly MATCH 3 Digital Game 2021

Where To Use Digital Tokens?

You can use your tokens at the Token Rewards & Sweepstakes page for chance to win extra rewards such as $5,000 Vacation, $25,000 in cash, Universal Orlando Resort Trip for 4, $50,000 Big Payday and more.

Sweepstakes Entry:

  • $1,000 Daily Sweepstakes – 1 Token
  • $5,000 Vacation – 1 Token
  • $25,000 Prize – 2 Tokens
  • Universal Orlando Resort Trip for 4 – 1 Token
  • $2,000 Chevron Gas For a Year – 1 Token
  • Win A Trip for two to the Dream Works Spirit Untamed Movie Premiere – 1 Token
  • Trip for Two to Minions: The Rise of Gru Movie Premiere – 1 Token
  • $50,000 Big Payday – 3 Token
  • Donation to Nourishing Neighbors Charity (One Cent Donation) – 1 Token

Grocery Cash:

  • Spend 80 Tokens for $5, 150 Tokens $10, 200 Tokens $15, 240 Tokens $20 and 275 Tokens $25 just for U® CASH.

Gas & Grocery Rewards:

  • Spend 30 tokens to receive GAS/GROCERY REWARD.

Product Rewards:

  • Spend 20 to 60 tokens depending on the items to receive product rewards.

Mon 14 Last Chance Sweepstakes 2024

If the one $1,000,000 Cash Instant Win prize is not claimed by May 26, 2021, ONLY THEN will a random last chance drawing from all valid MON-14 Last Chance Sweepstakes entries occur on or about May 28, 2021 for one $1,000,000 Cash (30-year annuity with no interest) prize. An award of one $1,000,000 Cash Prize is guaranteed.

Are you eligible For Last Chance Sweepstakes Drawing?

All participants who entered Digital Code online or using their App and all SHOP, PLAY, WIN 2021 mail-in entries received by May 18, 2021 will receive 1 entry into the “MON-14 Last Chance Sweepstakes” and will be eligible to win 1 million dollar cash prize money in the form of a check.

How To Redeem Just for U® / rewards! Cash, discount offers, or free product offers?

All Instant Win just for U / rewards! Cash, discount offers, or free product offers can be redeemed at the participating store by entering your registered just for U / rewards! ID number at the cash counter. (Free product and discount coupon require the customer to bring product to cashier to redeem. Monopoly Prizes 2024

Instant Win Game Prizes:
Prize DescriptionPrizes
$1,000,000 Cash (30-year Annuity)1
Mortgage Payoff (ARV $250,000)1
Groceries for Life (ARV $200,000)1
Vehicle of Choice (ARV $50,000)3
Mortgage or Rent for a Year (ARV $25,000)5
Property Tax for a Year (ARV $10,000)7
Groceries for a Year ($5,000 ARV)70
$1,000 Cash100
Utilities for a Month (ARV $500)300
$250 Grocery Gift Card900
$100 Cash1,250
$50 Cash2,000
$25 Just For U®/rewards! Cash4,000
$10 Just For U®/rewards! Cash8,000
$5 Just For U®/rewards! Cash40,000
$2 Just For U®/rewards! Cash200,000
$1 Just For U®/rewards! Cash1,000,000
FREE Product (ARV $1.75)* Instant Free Product prizes: There are 130 different Instant Free Product Prizes with a value between 60¢ and $15.50 with an average value of approximately $1.75.23,339,750

ARV of total Instant Win Game Prizes is: $45,469,563.

Match 3 Digital Code Game
$100,000 Cash1
Property Tax for a Year (ARV $10,000)12
Groceries for a Year (ARV $5,000)216
$1,000 Cash324
Groceries for a Month (ARV $400)540
Groceries for a Week (ARV $100)1,080
$1,000 Cash5,000
$500 Cash12,000
$250 Grocery Gift Card30,000
$100 Grocery Gift Card400,000
$25 Just For U®/rewards! Cash600,000
$10 Just For U®/rewards! Cash1,250,000
$5 Just For U®/rewards! Cash††5,000,000
$2 Just For U®/rewards! Cash††30,000,000
$1 Just For U®/rewards! Cash††181,917,335
One Year FREE Redbox (ARV $104)100
One Month FREE Redbox (ARV $8)1,000
$25 Free Gas e-Gift Card15,000
Gas & Grocery Reward (ARV $1.50)900,000
FREE Product (ARV $1.75**)†††Instant Free Product prizes: There are 130 different Instant Free Product Prizes with a value between 60¢ and $15.50 with an average value of approximately $1.75. There are 134 MON-14 Token Sweepstakes prizes with a total value of $914,714. Odds are dependent on the number of entries received.58,686,150
Total Winners278,818,758

ARV of total Match 3 Digital Code Game prizes is: $110,594,087.

Does Anyone Actually Won Albertsons Shop Play Win Monopoly Game?

Many people across the USA have won small prizes comprising of special discounts, free products, and gift vouchers. According to Anecdotal reports on social media people have won prizes of mere $3 or less in value and those who won discount above $5 required a purchase of $50 or more. Until now only one person, named Mary D. from Hawaii has managed to win the grand prize of $1 million since Albertson’s started the promotion in 2009. On the other hand, some websites have published names of people who have won prizes worth thousands of dollars through Safeway Monopoly Game. Hence, it is safe to conclude that Safeway Monopoly is a fun way to go about shopping and trying your luck at the same time. There are slight chances of one winning hefty prizes but its totally worth it as you have absolutely nothing to lose.You can check Safeway Monopoly winners here.Safeway Monopoly Winners 2018

10 Safeway Shop Play Win Monopoly 2024 Game Tips For Winning

These tips do not give any guarantee that you will win a prize but they simply help you to get hold of more tickets. This, in the end, provides you with more scope to try your luck.

  1. Always be nice, humble and respectful towards your cashiers. Be patient and show respect. Not being mean or rude may increase the chances of them giving you the extra tickets.
  2. During the last few days of the game, the stores may have a surplus of tickets since not all people indulge in this game. Hence cashiers may be more generous with tickets during these days.
  3. If the person next to you declines the tickets at the time of check out, always take this opportunity to ask for them. It’s possible that you may find one of the missing marker that you have been looking for.
  4. Never tape the game pieces to the board. Removing the tape may damage the pieces beyond repair. Instead, use zip-lock bags to store them.
  5. Buy special promotional products according to your needs and requirements. You can also switch to a special promotional product from the regular product that you use. This may give you bonus tickets. For example, if you use Vitasoy soy milk which is not included in the special promotional product, then you can take this chance to try other soy milk product that is included in the special promotion.
  6. Request your friends and relatives to shop from valid stores and ask them to collect tickets for you.
  7. Don’t go over the budget as you might end up losing more money than actually benefitting from any financial gains.
  8. This game should be played by everyone in moderation. Because when more tickets are opened the number of chances of rare tickets getting into the circulation also increases.
  9. Try to find an item that is eligible for a bonus ticket( find the least expensive item that will give you bonus tickets) so that you will get two tickets at the same time. You will thus have 1 ticket for any purchase, 1 ticket for the bonus ticket item. For instance, whipped cream is on sale for 66cents and it has promotional bonus ticket included. That means for $0.66 cents you can drop by and get two monopoly tickets in one trip to Safeway. Hence, these monopoly tickets cost you $0.33 each. A Single Monopoly ticket can be sold for $0.60 on eBay.
  10. If you are lucky enough to find one rare marker you can check eBay to either buy the other missing markers or sell the rare one that you own. A rare Safeway Monopoly Game Marker is sold for thousands of dollars on sites like eBay.

Final Worlds:

To conclude, Safeway Monopoly Shop, Play, Win 2021 will surely make your dull and boring trips to the grocery stores full of fun and excitement. But you should not overindulge in Shop Play Win Monopoly Safeway 2021 and should participate in them just to try your luck. This way by participating you don’t spend money unnecessarily but also have a chance of winning unexpected prizes. In such a scenario, you have nothing to lose even if you don’t hit the jackpot. Good Luck.

Note: We are not affiliated with Safeway and Albertsons or it’s affiliate stores so we don’t know about why shop play win app not working.

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