Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Spin ID Number 2020 (Winning Spin ID Numbers)

Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Spin ID Number 2020 + Winners list available here for today show, If your SPIN ID Number appears on TV then you are a lucky winner and you could win the same prizes what the contestant wins from Consumer Cellular. There will be 3 lucky winners per show.

How To Get Spin ID Number For Wheel Of Fortune?

Don’t know how to get spin id number for wheel of fortune? Then you can check out our recent Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway post. There i have already explained everything about how you can get Wheel Of Fortune Spin ID Number.
Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Spin Id Numbers 2020

Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Winners 2020?

Watch wheel of fortune between 12/07/2020 and 12/18/2020 Monday through Friday and during the show Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa 2020 Spin ID Number will be displayed if you see your spin id number then you are a Secret Santa winner and will have a chance to win an amazing prize. There will be total 30 lucky winners in this giveaway, 3 winners per show.

Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Numbers: If you are not able to watch the Wheel of Fortune game show tonight then don’t worry i am going to update all wheel of fortune spin id winning number for Secret Santa Giveaway during the weeks. Good luck All.

What Are The Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Spin ID Number For Tonight?

To know if you are a Wheel of fortune Spin id winner for tonight then check out our Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Winners 2020 + Spin ID Numbers list below.

Date: Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Number & Winners #1
Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Number & Winners #2
Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Number & Winners #3
December 07, 2020 KP3444453
Katie P.
$2,000 cash
David M.
$4,600 cash
Dale H.
$32,706 cash & prizes
December 08, 2020 EC2641477
Engram C.
$7,500 cash
Suzanne M.
$9,500 cash & prizes
Don D.
$15,000 cash
December 09, 2020 JL5773457
Jennifer L.
$8,000 cash
Barbara S.
$10,700 cash
Debra B.
$20,500 cash & prizes
December 10, 2020 JM3495700
Joyce M.
$1,000 cash
Finn L.
$12,052 cash & prizes
Tyler G.
$52,700 cash
December 11, 2020 MD00647 & Michael D. $8,000 cash JR6887396 & Joseph R. $16,150 cash & prizes AD4648002 & Alexandria D. $26,180 cash & prizes, including the trip
December 14, 2020 PS2769249
Patricia S.
$4,100 cash & prizes
Russell W.
$6,850 cash
Sahnna C.
$15,988 cash & prizes
December 15, 2020 JE7746653
Joellen E.
$3,950 cash
Rosemarie M.
$7,000 cash
Janice G.
$57,850 cash & prizes
December 16, 2020 SM3656343
Sandy M.
$2,000 cash
Lokelani S.
$3,000 cash
Steve P.
$25,920 cash & prizes
December 17, 2020 SH4475470
Sandra H.
$2,000 cash
Stanley S.
$4,000 cash
Tanya S.
$39,816 cash & prizes
December 18, 2020 DC9201500 & Diana I. $2,000 cash NH4973828 & Nancy H. $10,000 cash CZ2402928 & Carrie Z. $42,050 cash & prizes, including the trip

Do You See Your Wheel OF Fortune Spin ID Number?

If you see your Spin Id number then without wasting any time visit https://www.wheeloffortune.com within 24 hours of the show’s airing for a chance to win.

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  • Hello,
    I am very disappoint from the Wheels of Fortune because I am waiting for my spin iD to open on the screen, when I am see that the others are winning and this also I have seen that my spin id is wasting. and waiting and waiting but its useless for me.
    On this time I hope my spin ID will be open other wise I will leave this page and I will not enter.

  • Hello,
    Now only one week is left for my Spin ID,if its not open then I am taking promise I will not see the WHEELS OF FORTUNE and I am taking promise not to enter in the Spin ID,
    I am still waiting to open my Spin ID, within this week I hope you will not ignore me and not dissappoint to me.

  • Im disappointed i did not win cause i didnt have a christmas this year or make a birthday for my grandson his birthday being on christmas eve. But congratulations to those that won.

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