Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2023

Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2023 (USA & Canada)– Hello guys, if you are wondering what are the Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2023? if yes, Then you are in the right place, in this post i am going to update all rare game pieces information for the Starbucks For Life 2023: Holiday Edition.

You can get the all the information regarding Starbucks For Life 2023 Rare Pieces here in this post. So you can check whether you get a rare piece or common game piece. if you have the rare pieces then you will win the grand prize of Starbucks for Life.

Game Prizes:Starbucks Rare Pieces 2023:Common Game Pieces:Number Of Rare Game Pieces:
Starbucks for Life Betty the Yeti, Anniversary Balloons5
Starbucks for 1 Month Tristan the Yule Goat, Melody170
1,000 Bonus Stars Anniversary Cake2,750
100 Bonus Stars Anniversary FlowersHot Cocoa, Ugly Sweater82,500
$50 Starbucks Gift CardPuppermint Puppy, Rupert20,000
$25 Starbucks Gift Card SaxophoneGingerbrad, Waddles50,000
$1,000 Delta Gift CardPenelope, Delta Air Lines50
Moccamaster Coffee Maker and Grinder Professor Owl, Moccamaster100
Stanley + Starbucks Quencher H2.0 FlowState TumblerCanberry1,400
Starbucks For Life socksDisco ball, Basil800
Starbucks For Life ornament Presents, Vickers5,000
Game Prizes:Starbucks Rare Pieces 2023:Common Game Pieces:Number Of Rare Pieces:
Starbucks for LifeAnniversary balloons1
Starbucks for a Year2
Starbucks for a MonthJuniper the Reindeer, Anniversary cake20
1,000 StarsHot Cocoa, Ugly Sweater75
400 Stars50
100 Stars5,250
$100 Starbucks Gift CardStation wagon20
$50 Starbucks Gift CardProfessor Owl250
$25 Starbucks Gift Card750
20,000 Aeroplan PointsAeroplan2
$20 DoorDash Gift CardDoorDash50

Note: i am not sure whether these Starbucks for life rare pieces are correct or not, This information collected from different websites, forums, reddit and users. It could have errors. And if you have any game piece to add or found an error on our list then please comment below or you can also email us at:[email protected]. or you can also post your question on our community forum Thank You.!!

Right now these rare pieces list isn’t accurate. All common and rare pieces are suggested by our users. Anon, Joe, Robbie, Mark Alter, Andrea & LEE.


  1. Starbucks for life tumbler

    Juniper the reindeer and melody the bird

  2. The rare piece for Starbucks For Life Tumbler is Skis

  3. $50 gift card. I got Puppermint the dog and the Snowman. Likely both common ?

  4. 150 Stars – Gingerbrad the Gingerbread Cookie, common
    1000 Stars – Vickers the Cat, common

  5. Cold Brew Kit – Common: Juniper the Raindeer

  6. Starbucks for 6 months – Hot Cocoa, Melody the Bird
    500 Bonus Stars – Rupert the Pickle
    Cold Brew Kit – Juniper the Reindeer, Waddles the Penguin

    All likely common

  7. CANADA 150 stars
    RARE: Mittens
    The best hand-warmer since hot coffee.
    COMMON: Trumpet
    I am the sound of the season!
    COMMON: Gingerbrad
    My name is Gingerbrad, and I’m the most active cookie on the block.

    Penelope the Polar Bear

    Jingle the Bunny

    Yule goat

    500 STARS
    Holiday Cards

    $50 GIFT CARD

    All most likely common

    Milk and Cookies–unknown if common/rare

    1,000 STARS
    Snowy Mountain–potentially rare

    Gingerbread House–unknown if common/rare

  10. you guys have milk and cookies in starbucks for life but it is actually in 1 month and im assuming since i just got it that its common… also it looks like according to your list if puppermint and snowman is common for 50 dollar gift card than gingerbread house has to be rare.. hope i get 1..

  11. Milk and Cookies (Unknown if common/rare) should be listed under Starbucks for 1 month, instead of Starbucks for Life.

  12. I think milk and cookies is common, I just got it too.
    Thanks John!

  13. I also got a Milk & Cookies for Starbuck for 1 month, so almost certainly a common.

  14. Mittens must be the rare piece for 150 stars in USA. I know because I got all three and won it, and you’ve listed the other two as common pieces.

  15. Does anyone know what the holiday lights are

  16. Seems like one receives a holiday light whenever one gets a ‘duplicate’, until one gets 6 ‘duplicates’. Then three new rows show up, “$1 off Handcrafted Beverage”, “Reserve Tote”, and “Ornament”. And any new ‘duplicate’ will display a did not win message. This seems to have replaced the old system where three duplicates gave one a free play. The lights display on the first row.



  18. Canada game pieces:

    50 bonus stars – I have 2 snowflakes
    500 Bonus Stars – Vickers the Cat
    300 bonus stars – Rupert the Pickle

  19. For the Reserve Tote I got the pink and green background snowflakes. For the $1 off Handcrafted Beverage I got the white and red background perfect gifts.

  20. Also I think you’re correct w/ the Gingerbread House being rare as I have the other 2.

  21. To win the $1.00 off a Handcrafted Beverage Coupon, you collect three pieces called: The Perfect Gift; however, each piece has a different picture. The gifts on the left and right are green and likely the common pieces, but the gift in the middle is red and probably the rare one.

    Now that I’ve won twice (150 stars and $1.00 off), it appears if the game moves to a row where you have two pieces and need only the third one, you’re winning it because duplicates aren’t happening.

  22. 2023: I’m in the US for 1,000 bonus stars I got Juniper the Reindeer

  23. for Stanley cup I got “Stanley + Starbucks” its a cup with bow on it. I think I remember from last year so likely common

  24. I got “Saxophone” for the $25 gift card. I’m missing Waddles which you list as common, I’m not sure if Waddles or Saxophone is the rare piece

  25. Same. That must be the 2nd common.

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