Starbucks For Life 2019 Rare Pieces (US & Canada)


Starbucks For Life 2019 Rare Pieces

From December 02, 2019, Starbucks for Life Game, the much-awaited game started and now you are wondering what are the Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2019? Then you finally landed at right place in this post i am going to tell you every details about how to get Starbucks For Life Rare Game Pieces including updated list of rare game pieces available for the Starbucks holiday Game 2019 for your chance to win the grand prize of Starbucks for life 2019.

How To Play Starbucks for Life Game 2019?

  • To be part of this Starbucks For Life Holiday Game 2019 you must be a members of the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program.
  • During the Sweepstakes period go to this and sign into your Starbucks Rewards account or you can also sign into your account via Starbucks App.
  • You will get one (1) Game play for registering for the Promotion and viewing the “Guided Tour for the first time.

Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces

How To Get Starbucks For Life Game Pieces?

Make a Purchase at Starbucks Using a registered Starbucks Card at any participating Starbucks retail location in the United States or Canada using a Starbucks Card registered to your Starbucks Rewards account or a registered digital Starbucks Card on your Starbucks mobile application (“App”) for payment. Then, visit and sign into your Account and you will have received one (1) Game play. Follow the links and instructions to play the Starbucks holiday Game and you will receive either an Instant Win Game prize or one Collect and Win Game Piece.

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What Are The Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2019?

Are you looking for Rare Starbucks For Life Pieces 2019? if so, Then there is no need to worry about this because we’ve updated all Starbucks For Life Rare Game Pieces and Common Game Pieces list below with prizes. So you can check out whether you get a rare piece or common piece. And keep checking back this post daily because we will be updating the game pieces list when we get new information.

Note: I am not sure whether these Starbucks game pieces are correct or not, This information collected from different websites, forums and users. It could have errors. And if you have any game piece to add or found an error on our list then please comment below or you can also email us at:[email protected]. Thank You.!!

Game Pieces For USA:

Game Prizes: Rare Game Pieces Common Game Pieces Number Of Rare Game Pieces
Starbucks for Life Skis Snowshoes, Betty the Yetti 5
Starbucks for 1 Year Pinecone Winter Bird, Professor Owl 15
Starbucks for 6 Months Mixed Nuts Stockings, Miss Mouse 50
Starbucks for 3 Months Silver Bells Puppermint the Pup, Sled 125
Starbucks for 1 Month Holly Ice Skates, Polar Bear 100
PlayStation 4 system and a code for a 12-month PlayStation Now subscription Snowflake Waddles the Penguin, Shovel 135
Two (2) Atom Tickets Pear Milk and Cookies, Gingerbrad Man 400
400 Bonus Stars Chili Lights Pickle, Candy Cane 200
150 Bonus Stars Mittens Canberry Sauce, Vickers The Cat 25,000
Starbucks for Life Coffee
Yule Goat, Juniper the Reindeer 2,500

Game Pieces For Canada:

Game Prizes: Rare Game Pieces Common Game Pieces Number Of Rare Game Pieces
Starbucks for Life Betty the Yetti, Snowshoes 02
Starbucks for 1 Year Professor Owl, Red Robin, Winter Bird 05
Starbucks for 6 Months Miss Mouse, Stockings 10
Starbucks for 3 Months Puppermint the Pup, Sled, Sleigh 15
Starbucks for 1 Month Skates, Polar Bear 25
PlayStation 4 system and a code for a 12-month PlayStation Now subscription Waddles the Penguin, Shovel 15
400 Bonus Stars Gingerbread Man, Cookies and Milk 75
250 Bonus Stars Pickle, Candy Cane 100
150 Bonus Stars Cat, Canberry Sauce 100
Starbucks for Life Coffee
Juniper the Reindeer 50

Putting that in mind, it’s time to collect Starbucks For Life 2019 Rare Pieces to win grand prize, Play with fun and win unlimited prizes.

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  1. 1 year – winter bird
    6 months – stockings
    3 months – pupermint the pup
    1 month – polar bear
    Movie tickets – milk and cookies

  2. Does anybody else have ice skates? it looks slightly different from the rest of the game pieces (red background), so I’m wondering if it might be a rare piece 😮

  3. 1 year – Winter Bird
    6 months – Stockings
    3 months – Puppermint the pup and sled
    1 month – Polar bear
    400 Stars – Pickle and Candycane
    150 Stars – Vickers the cat and Canberry Sauce

  4. Canada here =)
    Life: snowshoes, yeti
    1 year: red robin, owl
    3 months: sleigh
    1 month: skates, polar bear
    Playstation: penguin, shovel
    400 Stars: gingerbread man, cookies and milk
    250 stars: candy cane
    150 stars: cat, “cranberry” sauce
    Starbucks for life collection: reindeer

  5. I have every piece in the game except the winning pieces and I’ve gotten every piece 2 or 3 times.
    The only thing I win in this game is free spins that just get me more spins.


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