Investigation Discovery A Very Kenda Christmas Giveaway Codes

Investigation Discovery brings you the Investigation Discovery A Very Kenda Christmas Giveaway 2022, But if you want to enter the ID Investigation Discovery Christmas Giveaway then you will need Investigation Discovery Code Word and using the codes at you could win the grand prize of $5,000 cash.

How To Enter: You must watch the Homicide Hunter marathon on Investigation Discovery this Christmas eve at 6a/5c through 6a/5c on December 26, 2022 for a new code word every hour. and By joining the Crime Obsession by Investigation Discovery Facebook Group ( and taking note of the Code Word that is posted on the group page.

Each Secret code offers a chance to win one grand prize of $5k cash from Investigation Discovery. Once you get the Homicide Hunter A Very Kenda Christmas code word then visit this link and follow the online instructions to register by entering all information requested on the registration form including correct code word.

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What is Investigation Discovery Very Kenda Christmas Giveaway Code Word?

During the Joe Kenda Christmas Giveaway period, I will update this post every hour with a new Investigation Discovery Giveaway Code. So, it is important that you should check out our investigation discovery 2019 giveaway codes list below to increase your chances of winning. Good Luck All

Investigation Discovery Giveaway Codes 2022

December 24, 2022
Time Of Entry:ID Code Words:
06:00 a.mSanta
07:00 a.mPresents
08:00 a.mStockings
09:00 a.mTree
10:00 a.mSnow
11:00 a.mSanta
12:00 p.mPresents
01:00 p.mStockings
02:00 p.mTree
03:00 p.mSnow
04:00 p.mSanta
05:00 p.mPresents
06:00 p.mStockings
07:00 p.mTree
08:00 p.mSnow
09:00 p.mSanta
10:00 p.mPresents
11:00 p.mStockings
December 25, 2022
Time Of Entry:ID Code Words:
12:00 a.mTree
01:00 a.mSnow
02:00 a.mSanta
03:00 a.mPresents
04:00 a.mStockings
05:00 a.mTree
06:00 a.mSnow
07:00 a.mSanta
08:00 a.mPresents
09:00 a.mStockings
10:00 a.mTree
11:00 a.mSnow
12:00 p.mSanta
01:00 p.mPresents
02:00 p.mStockings
03:00 p.mTree
04:00 p.mSnow
05:00 p.mSanta
06:00 p.mPresents
07:00 p.mStockings
08:00 p.mTree
09:00 p.mSnow
10:00 p.mSanta
11:00 p.mPresents
December 26, 2022
Time Of Entry:ID Code Words:
12:00 a.mStockings
01:00 a.mTree
02:00 a.mSnow
03:00 a.mSanta
04:00 a.mPresents
05:00 a.mStockings
06:00 a.mTree

Facebook Group Code Word: JOLLY

Once you have obtained the Investigation Discovery Very Kenda Christmas Code Word, Then visit the Giveaway page by visiting this, and follow the provided instructions to complete and thereafter submit the entry form with required information.

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  1. Yes!!?? I have a question for the codes for Kenda Christmas giveaway. I don’t do Facebook, Tweeter, ect, So will my codes count adding it ( ON- AIR CODE WORD) SECTION!!??? Please email me, Thank you for your time. V Gonzalez

  2. Yes how do I play the show give away I dont have face book

  3. I haven’t signed up. I’ve tried but it continues to send me to more giveaways. I would like to tell alt. Joe Kenda I really enjoy watching the show. He really tells a great story.

  4. I’m watching these shows right now and recording them. They just showed the 7 a.m. Code on 12\25 as Presents. You guys have it listed as 8am code. I have kept a list of all the codes. The list above is 1 hour later then the TV. This is messed up. Does this mean all the time I’ve spent watching has been for naught. No offense this is really messed up. Does this mean all my entries up until now are wrong? Please you need to check this out it’s messed up.

  5. I went back and checked the difference starts at 6am. It didn’t show a code just a blip on the bottom corner that said the code was SANTA and not SNOW. Then at 7am it shows the code word as PRESENTS not SANTA, this is where the discrepancy starts. I’m not sure what to do so I’ll enter both.

  6. Do you have to have a Facebook code word with the tv code word to enter

  7. I noticed the discrepancy also , i just waifor the code words on the screen. I sure hope I’m doing the right thing ! Been watching except for a few hours of sleep (4 hrs)! Hope all is not lost! We love this show!

  8. I’m over 80 and not in best shape & I did not see or find a code on my going back over the recorded show & I took a chance on snow…at least I’ve been laying here bed ridden watching all the RERUN shows & even started again at 4am this morning. Now I’m going to have to miss some or try to watch the recordings since I have to leave to my son house due to medical reasons…I know being a loyal watcher not going to do anything for me as my son says it just a gimmick to keep you watching?

  9. If the wrong word is entered I am sure it is kicked out of the system. Sure sucks if this was wrong as I was cooking and couldn’t watch them all…

  10. Joe Kenda ( My Favorite)My TV is always on this Station.
    I have Cancer and my ammune system is low .When I’m on Chemotherapy ( no sympathy please,Im definitely a tough cookie) not that 5000.00 wouldn’t help. Point is, My T.V stays on this channel. I’m addicted. Good luck Everyone!

  11. Has anyone been pick for a very Kenda Christmas, haven’t seen anything? And, their hasn’t been any codes on for the past 3 or 4 Fridays, is their an issue going on? Thank you

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