INSP Gunsmoke Sweepstakes 2022 ( John Wayne Sweepstakes Contest code word Gunsmoke Sweepstakes 2022 Code Word

Enter the INSP Gunsmoke Sweepstakes 2022 Contest aka John Wayne Sweepstakes Contest by entering correct secret code word at for your chance to win the grand prize of all expensive-paid trip to “John Wayne: An American Experience” exhibit in Fort Worth, Texas. Plus daily lucky winners will receive $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

You must watch Duke Days of May movies on INSP Channel on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 8:00pm (EST), and during a commercial break look for the INSP Gunsmoke secret code word that will appear on the screen during that break in order to enter the Insp John Wayne Contest Sweepstakes 2022.

How To Enter INSP John Wayne Sweepstakes 2022?

Once you know the Watch To Win John Wayne Sweepstakes secret code word now go to this this link: where you need to enter the correct insp code word to access the Gunsmoke Contest 2022 entry form. Next fill out the entry form entering all information requested on the registration form now click on the submit button to complete the registration form for a chance win. Click Here for Rules.

What is The INSP Code Word For John Wayne Sweepstakes 2022 Contest?

Don’t worry if you missed the show or not able to watch, I will update this post daily with a new secret code word. So, it is important that you should check out our Gunsmoke Sweepstakes Code Word 2022 list below to increase your chances of winning. The more you enter the more chances to win this game.

 INSP Sweepstakes Code Word 2022 For Tonight

Date Of Entry: INSP Gunsmoke Code Word:
May 6, 2022 OUTLAW
May 7, 2022 Texas
May 8, 2022 Duke
May 13, 2022 Brave
May 14, 2022 Wayne
May 15, 2022 Rooster
May 20, 2022 Ethan
May 21, 2022 Stagecoach
May 22, 2022 Cattle
May 27, 2022
May 28, 2022
May 29, 2022

INSP Watch To Win Gunsmoke Sweepstakes 2022 Details:

Who Can Enter: Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia who have reached the age of 18 years old at the time of entry.

Sweepstakes Period: The Sweepstakes entry begins on May 02, 2022, and all entries must be received by 11:59pm (EST) on May 30, 2022.

Who’s Sponsor: The INSP Gunsmoke Contest 2022 aka INSP John Wayne Sweepstakes is sponsored by INSP, LLC, a Delaware entity, located at 3000 WorldReach Drive, Indian Land, SC 29707.

Prize Details:

  • Winner for each Entry Period. Six (6) prizes will be awarded (i.e., one (1) winner per Entry Period) consisting of a $100 Amazon Gift Cards. Winners will be selected from completed entries submitted during the applicable Entry Period.
  • Winner of Grand Prize.  One (1) grand prize will be awarded consisting of all expensive-paid trip to “John Wayne: An American Experience” exhibit in Fort Worth, Texas. John Wayne Contest Winners:

  • Winner’s name will be updates soon.

Thanks Michelle White for the update.

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  • Why don’t you show any Gunsmoke shows with Festus in them getting so tired of seeing Chester the Clown. Please update your Gunsmoke shows

  • Gun smoke had to be the finest western t v series ever. Love the first shows( the half hour shows the best) I enjoy watching Gunsmoke as well now as when I watched it back in the 50’s and 60’s thanks for your programming.

  • I love, love gunsmoke! It takes me back to a little girl, we watched it religiously, my Mom loved Matt Dillon. Today, I watch Gunsmoke from 10am until 4pm, on two different stations.

  • I love watching the Duke John Wayne James Arness watch all their shows Gunsmoke everyday

  • Thad is worse and useless as Dillon’s assistant. I also prefer Festus.
    What purpose does it serve Chester having a stiff leg. I think the script calls for him to have that for some reason.
    I’ve been waiting for Matt to give Kitty a smooch, but too late now. I wonder why that wasn’t permitted. Of course, those days showed more respect. I did see one episode where Matt did kiss a woman who was his old flame. I bet she loved that!!

  • Making up for the times I decided to take a night off from my part-time job to watch Gunsmoke and that was the night the show didn’t come on.

    All re-runs, but love every minute of them!!

  • Love Gunsmoke watch it every day my favorite TV western. Love both Chester & Festes .All the charectors are awesome.

  • I watch gunsmoke at 10:00 too 12:00 from12:00too3:00 Again at 7:00too8:00. And from 9:00 too 12:00. And I see how many actors go there start on gunsmoke.

  • I love Gunsmoke, and I love Marshall Dillon. Miss Kitty has some competition. I recently adopted a cat and named her Miss Kitty, the cat I had for 21 years who recently passed away from a liver ailment was named Marshal Dillon. We had a tremendous amount of love for each other.

  • I love all the actors on Gunsmoke thank god that we have all these western shows from years ago to watch cause they just don’t make shows like they use to anymore, seems like the only thing they make anymore are soap opera’s I would rather see them make westerns like they use to!

  • Out of all the episodes of gun smoke why do you keep showing the same episodes all the time. Sometimes the same ones in the same week.

  • I love Gun Smoke I’ve been watching gun smoke for so long ,l can just walk in the house and my husband can be watching it and without seeing it just hearing it I can tell him what the episode is about that’s how long I’ve been watching it that’s how muçh I love it I never won anything I just hope I get lucky this time a thank you Guy’s at INSP for give use gun smoke lovers something to do lol

  • GUNSMOKE — Yippy, I Oh!!! In one of the early episode, John Wayne said that this was going to be a BIGGY, and he was so right. Matt, Kitty, Doc, Chester and yes even Fetus make up one of the BEST WESTERN!!

    My only disappointment is that Matt and Kitty never got to be together. The script of course has Matt dedicated to being the BEST MARSHAL ever and he certainly lived up to that. I still would have like for the on screen affection Kitty showed Matt to blossom into more…smile!!

  • Can someone please tell me tonight’s Code on Gunsmoke (9/14/2021)? We had company and I missed it! Thanks so much.

  • I am Gun Smoke’s Biggest Fan, since I was a little girl, I love Mat,Chester,Doc,Miss.Kitty, Thad,& don’t forget Festes Hagin, I look for them every day & twice on the weekends , I hope y’all keep playing them, I think I’ve seen all of, but I never get tired of them. Thanks again for GUN SMOKE!!😉

  • Gunsmoke was and is the best tv show ever. My husband and I love it and all the actors/characters. Festus and Matt are our number #1 favorites 💖

  • yes gunsmoke has been hands down the best western on tv, most people would agree to that, i know i do, & very good solid character that played their roles well, & most of the scripts were great that made very realistic stories & all of the deputies were good in their own way, doc, miss kitty, sam, etc just fitted in just RIGHT!, i would like to see & hear the closing theme music, outside of that all i can say is THANKS INSP!

  • Thank You INSP FOR Putting GUNSMOKE ON TV. I hope you’ll show all of the VERY BEGINNING OF GUNSMOKE, NOW THAT’S REAL TV, it brings great memories back from my child hood, that’s when Real tv was being shown on TV, I hope that you NEVER TAKE IT OFF OF YOUR VIEWING. I watch it from 9amin the morning then from 11am till 3pm And I watch the other westerns like Cheyenne, Big Valley and the rest of the line up. Thank You for REAL TV VIEWING.

  • I am 65 and have watched Gunsmoke since I was a little girl sitting with my dad. They mean so much more now because I have history with Matt Dillion, Doc, Miss Kitty, Quint, Chester and Festus. I love all Gunsmoke shows, but the earlier seasons are favorite. Those are your black and white classics. There is nothing better than a nice rainy day with a good Western lineup. Gunsmoke, Wyatt Earp, Maverick, Wagon Train, Rifleman, Rawhide and a few more that were all part of the regular Western lineup back in the 1960 decade. Even with all the technology of today comparing those Westens then to the ones today is like comparing a good, page turning Book to a Nook. Not the same.

  • I love Gun smoke and there is nothing anybody can do about it I have been watching it since i was a young child. And I am still watching it and enjoying it. Keep it up the good work.

  • I watched Gunsmoke when I was young. Iusually like Syfi shows. But as Iam 71 and a retired I stated watching it again, and it fun toget involed with Chester and or Fetus also all the cameo old actores in in the maney the show was on. Any way rocke on with all the black and white shows as well as colored ones
    Thanks alot Ofelia McKim
    please make some of the contest winners in flordia.

  • I always enjoyed Gun Smoke, Kitty and Matt did get together, their behavior showed the privacy of their relationship, it was beautiful. The story was about the west, a
    marshal and his issues, a doc, and his problems of the day, Kitty and the experiences
    of living her life the best she could, and great support actors, Chester and Festus. The writers were exceptional. Thank you for keeping the stories alive. I do not want to forget Sam, and the other important characters, and the guests ones were wonderful.

  • Out of all the westerns on tv, Gunsmoke is my favorite show. I laugh and cry. It’s so good can’t wait for the next time it airs!! I love all the guests that are in it too! Never miss an episode. Matt is so good looking and Kitty is so pretty, if they were to get together they would of made a great pair!!! I hope they never ever cancel the reruns, i really enjoy Gunsmoke !

  • I have been watching Gunsmoke since Moby Dick was a minnow & still love it but I am so tired of Chester & his stiff leg, Festus is so much better, smarter plus he has brass & isn’t afraid of any confrontation from anyone, all Chester wants to do is eat & sleep, go away Chester, please! all of the basic characters are fantastic!

  • I just started watching Gunsmoke five years ago and I am hooked on it, watch it every night. I love Chester because he adds a different type of character to the show. I love how Chester and Doc are always going at each other. Hope they keep the show on for a very long time.

  • Why was Miss Kitty left out as far as code words for the month? This woman was disrespected… Surely in 2021 we can move past “It’s a man’s world”… Spoiler alert!!! It takes a woman to bring forth a child, don’t forget it…. Leaving her out as one of the codes was wrong on so many levels….

  • I would love to buy a full dish set that they use on the series. I have been unable to find it on my internet searches. If anyone has information where I could find this it would be gratefully appreciated
    stephanie weber

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